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Launch of the 250 km Zectron Electric Bike on Indiegogo

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For their new electric bike, Zectron recently launched a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo.

It has a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) in the US and 16 mph (25 km/h) in Europe. It also boasts a distinctive folding frame design with an inbuilt display. According to the manufacturer, an e-bike may run for up to a week on a single charge.

Zectron Electric Bikes will be available on Indiegogo and will have 3 financing rounds with limited time and supply each: Super Early Bird, Early Bird, and the Indiegogo Special. The E-bike normally costs $1999, but early purchasers can get it for just $899. This translates to a 50% price reduction on the e-bike.

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The bicycle has a 350 W motor in the US and a 250 W engine on the old continent, giving it a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and 16 mph (25 km/h), respectively. According to the local governments’ rules, this is acceptable.

Z ectron bike electric

As previously indicated, it has a battery that offers a range of up to 150 miles (241 km) on a single charge. A dynamic rear suspension with anti-shock technology ensures riders have a comfortable ride, and a 3.9-inch integrated display provides information such as speed and battery charge level.

Additionally, Zectron offers a smartphone app that lets you follow your bike using GPS. This software can lock your bike and alert you if someone is trying to steal it.

Transporting and storing the E-bike is made simple by its folding uni-body frame, which collapses in two stages to 85 x 65 x 80 cm. A magnesium alloy of aerospace-grade makes up the bicycle’s frame. It has a weight capacity of 120 kg and weighs 25 kg.

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