Krafton’s virtual influencer recently dropped a music clip

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ANA was created using Unreal Engine’s hyperrealism production technique. The virtual influencer has features resembling those of a human.

You may be familiar with Krafton as the developer of well-liked battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and BGMI. But the firm had also produced ANA, a digital influencer. With the global release of her first single, Shine Bright, the virtual influencer has officially made her musical debut. The song is currently accessible on all international digital music streaming services. On ANA’s YouTube channel, a music video for the song is also available.

According to Krafton, the song’s vocal is entirely controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). The creators assert that powerful deep-learning technologies, such as speech synthesis, were utilised. The developers assert that they expanded the deep learning speech model to give ANA a distinctive voice.

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ANA was created using Unreal Engine’s hyperrealism production technique. The virtual influencer has features that resemble those of a human, like the baby hairs on her skin. Additionally, face rigging technology was used to create realistic pupil movement. Additionally, the virtual influencer has subtle facial muscles and wrinkles to give it a more genuine face. The designers made an effort to replicate how joints move naturally.

The new song was created by Krafton, ANA, and Cha Cha Malone, co-CEO of H1GHR MUSIC. Cha Cha Malone, co-CEO and producer at H1GHR MUSIC, said, “While producing this tune, I focused on bringing out ANA’s charm and it was incredibly pleasure working on this project with KRAFTON.”

“I hope that ANA becomes a huge hit with fans all around the world with the publication of this digital single.

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In June, Krafton made Ana known to the public. According to the studio, Ana is primarily intended to engage a worldwide audience and contribute to the development of Krafton’s Web 3.0 ecosystem. Since its initial goal was made public through a technical demonstration this past February, Krafton has only introduced one virtual human, Ana.

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