Katie Couric tells that she was given a breast cancer diagnosis

Katie Couric
Katie Couric

On Wednesday, seasoned journalist Katie Couric shared some personal information.

Katie Couric revealed her recent breast cancer diagnosis in a blog post on her website.

She named the piece, “Why Not Me.” The start of summer, my eighth wedding anniversary, and the day I learned I had breast cancer all fell on June 21, 2022.

The room began to spin, and I felt awful, said Couric. My voice was struggling to keep up with the questions whirling through my head, so I withdrew to a quiet spot in the open office.

She explained that since her most recent mammogram was in December 2020, her gynaecologist had informed her that she was overdue for one.

As she did when she underwent colon cancer screening while working for the morning programme “Today,” Katie Couric, who lost her first husband Jay Monahan to the disease in 1998, said she intended to record the test to share with her audience.

She claimed that because dense breast tissue can make it more difficult for mammograms to detect issues, she frequently undergoes a breast ultrasonography in addition to a mammogram.

The ultrasound suggested something was awry, and a subsequent biopsy confirmed she had cancer.

Katie Couric

“The heart-stopping, suspended animation feeling I remember all too well came surging back,” the author wrote. Jay’s colon cancer diagnosis at 41 and the dreadful, gut-wrenching nine months that followed.” “My sister Emily developed pancreatic cancer, which ultimately led to her death at the age of 54, just as her political career was about to take off. A year and nine months prior to her own funeral, my mother-in-law Carol was battling ovarian cancer as she laid her son to rest.

Her mother was “diagnosed with mantle cell non-lymphoma, Hodgkin’s which was kept at bay for a decade,” her father had prostate cancer, and her future husband, John, had “a tumour the size of a coconut on his liver,” which was surgically removed a few months before their wedding. Her family has had better outcomes with cancer, she claimed.

In order to remove a tumour from her breast that was “2.5 centimetres, nearly the size of an olive,” Couric underwent surgery in July. She also endured radiotherapy, which, according to Couric, ended on Tuesday.

She claimed that she shared her story in the hopes that it will serve as a lesson and help save lives.

Please schedule a yearly mammogram. This time, I was six months late, Katie Couric wrote. “I tremble to consider what would have occurred if I had delayed more. However, it’s equally crucial that you ascertain whether you require further testing.


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