Alexa Sangalang
Alexa Sangalang

This is to let you know that Ted Crosbie, a former Irish Examiner, is no longer with us.

He passed away. We are sorry to share this news. He was Thomas Crosbie’s great-grandson. Ted Crosbie’s loved ones are expressing their sympathies and paying tribute to him. Since the news of Ted Crosbie’s passing was confirmed, grieving for him has begun. Do you know the age Ted Crosbie was at the time of his death? And what led to his demise? There are several inquiries that need to be made. So bookmark this page and keep reading for more information.

Ted Crosbie, a businessman, passed away at 91.

He was the grandson of Thomas Crosbie, who took over the Cork Examiner Newspaper in 1872, as was previously mentioned. Thomas Edward Crosbie, aka Ted Crosbie, was born in 1931. Tom Crosbie, Ted Crosbie’s son, also paid tribute to his late father. According to Tom, his father was very committed to his work and constantly aware of the Irish Examiner’s role in the community and its significance to that community.

Irish Examiner” owner Ted Crosbie

He was a wonderful newsman and a great newspaperman — he got it, according to Ted Crosbie’s son’s official statement. He understood the significance of independent, professional journalism, or independence with a small “i.”

“He grew up around the industry. Three generations came before him, so when we talk about dad’s legacy, he was carrying on what had been handed down from earlier generations. He had three big passions in his life: his family, the newspaper, and Cork, where he was born and raised.

According to Ted Crosbie’s son, he passed away after living for 91 years. Ted may have, of course, passed away naturally, given he was of legal age at the time of his death. According to the source, Ted previously attended Christian Brothers College (CBC) for his higher education while also often visiting the paper office, where he picked up the fundamentals and ins and outs of the industry there.

He reportedly earned a science bachelor’s degree from University College Cork in 1952. Later, he returned to his family’s business, Thomas Crosbie Holdings, where he served as CEO and technical director.


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