In the US, the Apple Watch might be banned!

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Apple Watch Series 6 and later models are affected by a fresh patent crisis. According to the most recent case filed in the US, Apple exploited the patent for products that test blood oxygen levels improperly. If the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) believes Masimo is justified, the Apple Watch can be banned in the US. The details are as follows:

A US judge found that the Apple Watch infringed the pulse oximeter patent.

A U.S. judge determined that Apple had infringed on one of Masimo Corp.’s pulse oximeter patents by importing and selling specified Apple Watch models having light-based pulse oximetry capabilities and components. An import restriction on certain Apple Watches will now be decided by the United States International Trade Commission (USITC).

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The maker of medical equipment Masimo claims that Apple misused its own patents. Apple has stated that they respectfully disagree with the decision and are looking forward to the Commission conducting a comprehensive inquiry. The pulse oximeter function on Apple Watch Series 6 and later versions allows users to check the oxygen levels in their blood.

Masimo, meanwhile, claims that Apple used its own patents without authorization. Current legal disputes between the two companies involve the Watch Series 6 and later versions. Masimo claims that Apple breached their pulse oximeter patents and has filed a lawsuit against the tech giant. Apple violated one of Masimo’s patents, according to the judge in the USITC lawsuit.

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The USITC has not yet decided whether to ban the import of Apple Watch models that measure blood oxygen levels. Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo, thinks that this decision would help restore market justice. Kiani also charged Apple with stealing concepts from rival companies in an effort to increase its revenue.

Despite the fact that they have not yet made a formal statement on the matter, Apple apparently plans to appeal the ruling. It is important to note that other Watch models, including the Series 6 model, are still legal. Another recent complaint is that those with dark complexion cannot use the Watch’s oxygen level sensor. According to the reasoning in the case, equipment of this kind have long struggled to estimate blood oxygen levels based on skin tone.

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