His Girlfriend struck Michael Clarke in the Park

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Take a look at the video of Michael Clarke’s girlfriend punching him at a park.

Perhaps Michael Clarke won’t be able to speak on the radio or television. because of what transpired when he and his girlfriend, Jade, were seen together in public, the next Test series between Australia and India. His girlfriend struck Michael Clarke in the park.

Jade Yarbrough, Michael Clark’s girlfriend, frequently strikes him in the face. That sort of demonstrates how angry she is. You f***ing keep lying to me, she yells, adding a string of further expletives. Michael Clarke’s girlfriend can be seen slapping him in public in a viral video. For the most recent updates, visit ComingSoonNews on our website.

Watch as the girlfriend of Michael Clarke hits him in a public park.

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According to rumours, cricket player Michael Clarke and his current girlfriend Jade Yarbrough met at a Queensland park. once she learned that he was seeing another lady. The World Cup-winning team was captained by Clarke. Jade is heard ranting at Clarke in a video that has gone viral online and accused him of having s#x with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards in December 2022. What Jade says is captured on film. throughout the entire video.

Watch as the girlfriend of Michael Clarke hits him in a public park.

Jade is advised by Clarke to physically harm her partner if she believes he has cheated on her. There’s a potential that Jade will eventually appear and strike him again. People caught the entire incident on camera as it escalated from a verbal quarrel to a physical altercation in a public park. People who witnessed the fighting observed it transition from an oral argument to a physical conflict. Learn More

Detailed information about the video

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I assume you want her to accompany you to India. Yarbrough can be heard screaming at Clarke in the video clip. Messages have been read by me. Pip, you are the only person with whom I would most like to spend the rest of my life. Please travel to India with me. The classic movie has some blurriness. But because of the sound, you can hear every detail of the conflict.

Jade Yarbrough, Michael Clark’s girlfriend, is shown repeatedly smacking him in the face in a video. A lot of attention is being paid to social media. Michael Clarke was hit by Jade Yarbrough, who was dating him, and claimed he was having an affair.

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