Hero Vida V1, the first electric scooter produced by Hero MotoCorp

Hero Vida V1
Hero Vida V1

Hero Vida V1 electric scooter: variations described

The Vida V1, the first electric scooter produced by Hero MotoCorp, is now available in Pro and Plus versions.

The Vida V1 is the first electric scooter that Hero MotoCorp has ever released. There are two versions of this electric two-wheeler available: Pro and Plus, which vary in price, performance, and range. Here is a thorough explanation of the variations.

Differences between the Hero Vida V1 Pro and Plus

The battery pack is where the two variants differ most noticeably, with the Plus having a 3.44kWh battery pack as opposed to the 3.94kWh unit that the Pro has. As a result, Hero claims that the Plus has a range of 143 kilometres while the Pro has a range of 165 kilometres. Remember that these are IDC test statistics, and actual values will probably be a little lower.

The two models’ charging times vary as a result of their various battery capacity. Using the home charger, the Plus will need 5 hours and 15 minutes to charge from 0% to 80%, while the Pro will need 5 hours and 55 minutes.

Hero Vida V1

Although both models have the same 6kW motor (3.9kW continuous output), they perform differently. The Pro completes the dash to 40 kph in 3.2 seconds as opposed to the Plus’s 3.4 seconds, even though it has a bigger battery pack. This implies that Hero programmed the motor controller in the two models differently.

The pricing difference is the last distinction between the Plus and the Pro. The price of the former is Rs. 1.45 lakh, while the price of the latter is Rs. 1.59 lakh. Both of these prices are after FAME-II subsidies but before any state-level subsidies, ex-showroom.

Hero Vida V1 Pro and Plus are comparable.

Hero Vida V1 Plus & V1 Pro

Since most of the alterations are only seen beneath the skin, the two variations essentially seem the same. They both have the same 6kW motor, as was previously mentioned, giving them the same 80kph peak speed. They both have a lot of the same characteristics as well. Three riding modes, keyless operation, LED lighting, cruise control, and connected features like turn-by-turn navigation, geo-fencing, and bike tracking are all included with the Pro and Plus.

Both models have the same charging connector and are capable of fast charging at 1.2 km/min. It’s interesting to note that the charging connector has the same layout as the Ather 450X. This is not unexpected given that Ather’s connector design has been open-sourced and that Hero MotoCorp is a significant investor in the Bengaluru-based startup.This means that the public fast-charging network of Ather will be available to the Vida electric scooters.

Hero Vida V1

The Ather 450X, the TVS iQube, the Bajaj Chetak, and the Ola S1 Pro are just a few of the well-known luxury e-scooters that the Vida V1 will compete against. You may read a detailed comparison review of all the Vida’s competitors that we recently conducted here.


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