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Here is Our Guide to the Plants in Hogwarts Legacy Covering everything from their characteristics to what they do and where to locate them.

Plants in the Hogwarts Legacy Guide

Herbology is one of the many disciplines taught at Hogwarts, and as it is one of the subjects, it is important in this game. In Hogwarts Legacy, players have access to a variety of plants, each with its own unique effects. Being well-stocked with plants is always a smart idea, whether you’re using them for cooking or for warfare.

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Plants in the game can be divided into two categories: Potion Plants and Combat Plants. Let’s go over each one in turn.

Plants in the Hogwarts Legacy Guide

Battle Plants

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These plants, as their name suggests, are only used for fighting. You’ll want to know what each of these plants does, whether it’s to deliver damage to foes or to temporarily enhance them.

Players can take out mandrakes from the ground, just as in the movies, and doing so will cause them to scream. Enemies are stunned by this, making it simpler to strike them.

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Chinese Chomping Cabbage: These cabbages attack adversaries by chomping them, as their name suggests. You can hurl it at them while combining your spells to inflict greater harm.

Venomous Tentacula: The leaves of this plant can be used to make potions as well as for battle. The plants’ spike-tipped vines can do a lot of harm.

Devil’s Snare: Fans of the series are aware that these sun-averse plants have the ability to trap foes and stop them from moving.

Potion Trees

On the other hand, these plants can be utilised to make potions. Let’s concentrate on the plants you can use to make potions for the time being since we will soon have a complete guide on potion-making.

Dittany: The Wiggenweld Potion, your major source of healing, has a component called these leaves.

Mallowsweet: Mallowsweet is an odd plant since Centaurs use it to look at the stars. This possibly produces astrology-related potions.

Venomous Tentacula: As previously indicated, this plant’s leaves can also be found in potions. We are unsure of what kinds of potions, though.

Shrivelfigs: Because they undo curses, Shrivelfigs might have the same effect in potions.

Spiky Mushrooms: Although we don’t yet sure what these mushrooms perform in a potion, we do know that they can also be used to make equipment.

Fluxweed: The player’s cooldown is lowered by Focus potions, which contain this ingredient.

Let’s talk about where to get plants now that you are aware of the varieties available. Let’s go over each of the different ways to obtain plants in Hogwarts Legacy.

Growing them yourself: If the player has the seeds, they can grow their own plants. Players can either plant their seedlings in the Herbology Greenhouses or the Potting Stations in the Room of Requirement.

Foraging: You can probably find some in the wild, as with other plants. It’s likely that these plants may grow again after being harvested, so check back later to find more.

Buying: In Hogsmeade, players have access to a store where a variety of goods are sold, including seeds and plants.

Herbology: Although it hasn’t been verified, it’s certainly feasible that players can assist Professor Mirabel Garlick with her research in this field. Rewards like new plants, seeds, and other things could result from this.

As new information becomes available, we’ll make sure to update this Hogwarts Legacy Plants Guide. This entails introducing additional plants, as well as their applications and habitats. Watch out for that.

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