Government would spend $30 billion building out 4G and 5G infrastructure in rural India: IT Minister

IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced on Thursday that the government is spending close to $30 billion to create a strong digital infrastructure in rural areas and provide last-mile network accessibility for 4G and 5G in every village throughout the nation.

Vaishnaw said, in a speech at the “Global Fintech Fest 2022,” that the government has already contacted more than 1.5 lakh gramme panchayats.
In order to bring high-quality, fast data connectivity to every village in the nation and involve them in the growth process, the minister emphasised that “we are now developing a full ecosystem of village entrepreneurs.”

“We tried this concept, and right now, we’re facilitating about 80,000 new connections every month,” he continued.

Building a solid digital infrastructure, developing a digital regulatory framework, as well as promoting social inclusion and the societal demands associated with it, are the three main areas of fintech for the government, according to Vaishnaw.

The minister stated that telecom is the basic core of Digital India when discussing his opinions on the legal framework for the internet.

Vaishnaw stated, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given us a clear mandate to revamp our digital regulatory structure so that it is internationally standardised and supports global competitiveness.

While a project on common mobility was started, he said, “the way technology has evolved over the last 5-10 years, I think instead of a card, probably the mobile phone itself will become the common integrating factor” when discussing the integration of payment systems across the transportation sectors.

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