Google TV 12 and Google Chromecast HD will both have 1.5GB of RAM

There have been reports that a new, less expensive Chromecast model is currently being developed and would soon be available for purchase. Currently, a well-known developer on Twitter claims to have received a complete software build for Google’s new Chromecast, revealing a number of information about the gadget. Let’s investigate them now.

The gadget will probably be dubbed Chromecast HD, according to research by developer Kuba Wojciechowski.

According to reports, the smartphone will have an Amlogic S805X2 chipset. Even while the chip is a major step back from the 4K model, it does support AV1 decoding, something the current Chromecast does not.

In comparison to the S905X3, the chip’s raw processing capability and video output are both constrained to 1080p. Additionally, it has 1.5GB RAM, 25% less than the 4K variant.

It is the first Google TV 12 streamer because it has software built on Android 12.

Virtual A/B seamless updates with compression will also be supported by Google out of the box. A device will spend less time offline and unusable when updating thanks to this function, which also uses nearly no more storage space.

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