Google Nest WiFi Pro 6E was listed online for $199.99 before it was released

Under its Nest brand, Google sells a variety of smart home gadgets, and it now seems that the firm is getting ready to introduce a brand-new item, most likely to go by the name of Google Nest WiFi Pro 6E.

The future Google product under the Nest brand will be a WiFi 6E router, as the name already suggests. Prior to its official release, the product’s price and available colour variants were revealed by a listing on a retailer.

The item was made public after it was inadvertently posted on the website of online retailer B&H Photo, which has now been removed. It disclosed that the Google Nest WiFi Pro 6E would be available in a variety of colours and could be ordered in advance for $199.99. The price of the device’s two-pack and three-packs are $299.99 and $399.99, respectively.

Google wifi

Apart from the price and several colour choices, the listing has no photographs of the impending item or any other information. Therefore, it is uncertain whether it will come with a “Point” network extender.

The Google Nest WiFi Pro 6E has already received FCC certification, indicating that it supports mesh networking and Bluetooth LE.Due to the increased 6-7Ghz bandwidth range provided by WiFi 6E, router interference will be reduced compared to that of WiFi 6 models.

On October 6, Google has organised a launch event called Made By Google, where the tech giant is anticipated to officially introduce its upcoming flagship smartphones, known as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Along with a few Nest smart home portfolio goods, the company will also introduce its first wristwatch, the Pixel Watch.

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