Google Japan presented the 165 cm single row keyboard known as “The Gboard Bar”

Google Japan
Google Japan

The Gboard Bar, a strange-looking 165 centimetre single-row keyboard, was introduced by Google Japan. The new keyboard is longer since all of its keys are on a single line. The Gboard Bar’s design tries to reduce the amount of time users must spend looking for keys across numerous lines.

With the Gboard Bar, selecting the desired key merely requires a quick glance across the gap. The new keyboard is attractive and ergonomic. Additionally, Google claims that it has health advantages. While typing, it enables the user to naturally stretch their arms and legs.

Additionally, Google Japan has created a GitHub website for the Gboard Bar and published the necessary data files enabling people to create their own versions of the keyboard. While it is possible in theory for someone to make their own Gboard Bar, Google Japan has not confirmed if it has made any of the accessory’s units.

The Gboard Bar’s simplistic aesthetic design might appeal to some buyers, but it is yet unclear how the device will fare on the market. A 5-foot (165cm) keyboard could be difficult to use as a desk attachment. However, the futuristic design of it is attractive.


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