Pixel watch
Pixel watch

Along with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Google recently unveiled the Pixel Watch. Beyond being the company’s first real smartwatch, it’s also some really intriguing technology in and of itself, featuring a unique mechanism for fast and simply switching out straps. When pre-orders for the Watch first became available in the Google Store, we already saw a number of Google’s (albeit pricey) different bands offered alongside it. Currently, we’re looking at the landing pages for a few more. It should come as no surprise that these metal solutions are so pricey.

Spend less now on the fashionable (and expensive) metal bands for the Pixel Watch.

Five different band styles, each with several colour possibilities, were available when Google first released the Pixel Watch: two leather, one silicone, and two woven bands. Each costs between $50 and $80. Now that the Metal Links band and Metal Mesh band have joined them on Google’s marketplace (via 9to5Google), if you thought the costs of those bands already were expensive, hold onto your seat.

Pixel watch hands on

The Metal Links band, which comes in matte black and brushed silver, is being offered for for $200. It suits wrists with a circumference of 137 to 203mm. Google explicitly mentions that this choice isn’t water- or sweat-resistant, thus these are best used for dressier occasions like business meetings and social gatherings rather than challenging events like severe mudders.

Metal Links band for the Pixel Watch

The Metal Mesh band, another metal band offered by Google for the Pixel Watch, has a reasonable price of just $130. Once again, there is no guarantee of sweat or water resistance because this product is being promoted more as a fashion accessory than as a daily wear item or a sporty addition. To complement the Pixel Watch case (or contrast it, if that’s your style), you can have this band finished in champagne gold, matte black, or polished silver.

Google Pixel metal watch

Metal mesh band for the Pixel Watch

Don’t worry if the sticker prices for these bands look a little high (hey, we told you), you have a few months to accumulate money so you can buy them guilt-free. Both aren’t available right away, and Google intends to make them available in the spring of 2019. Hey, at least they are less expensive than the $350 Apple Watch Link Bracelet. So stop gazing at these gorgeous straps and start saving instead!


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