5 amazing MIUI themes that enhance your Xiaomi device’s user interface

You may get a wide variety of imaginative customization packs in the MIUI themes shop. All your mobile needs to look like an entirely new gadget is one of its eye-catching designs. This time, we’re sharing five MIUI themes that will look excellent on your Xiaomi as a result.

You’ve come to the correct place if you enjoy themes with loads of animations and unique lock screens or if theme collection is your thing. The list of suggestions includes a little bit of each genre, but they are all equally fascinating.

Five MIUI themes that look fantastic on Xiaomi devices

All the alternatives listed here can be downloaded straight from their links or found by searching the store. Remember that you might need to switch regions if you have trouble applying them. These five MIUI themes will look fantastic on your Xiaomi right now.

1. Future Explorer: A Xiaomi device that features gorgeous MIUI themes | Download

There are numerous themes that let you learn new and fascinating stuff. Future Explorer is a prime illustration. Its futuristic concept and amusing astronaut in the backdrop are perfect for a sci-fi enthusiast. There are a few cheats included with the theme that you may access via the lock screen.

You may access shortcuts on the screen just by locking your device. A button to enter dark mode, a countdown to your birthday, and a tracker for how many glasses of water you’ve consumed that day are among of its more noticeable features.

2. Blue [ON]: An attractive MIUI theme for your Xiaomi | Download

Do you like to change the lock screen’s appearance? Then Blue [ON] might be an excellent MIUI theme for you. The package offers up to four different alternatives, each as unique as the last, but the standard model stands out the most because it comes with a tonne of useful shortcuts and intriguing features.

The Blue [ON] lock screen includes a step counter, a loading animation, a countdown to an important date, and an indication of how many hours are left in the day. It is an interesting choice, with muted hues and a formal style that will give you the impression that you are holding a well developed machine.


3. Green Dark | Download

Hijau Tua comes to mind when we think about straightforward themes with lavish embellishments. This theme provides a few headers pertaining to the Resident Evil universe. It also sticks out due to the green and black hues that are present throughout the entire mobile. Of course, using dark mode makes it easier to enjoy.

Hijau Tua is distinctive since it has a player on the lock screen. In this method, you can play the songs you’ve saved in the My Music app by just clicking on the musical note. Theme compatibility starts with MIUI 12 and higher.

4. Download MTX Design

MTX Design is what you need if you’re looking for dark MIUI themes with contrasting lights. The black background of this pack’s multicoloured icons creates minimalist undertones that blend with its violet colours.

The lock screen, wallpaper, and revamped control centre of the MTX Design are its defining features. Unquestionably an intriguing choice that would make your Xiaomi appear much more exceptional. It is compatible with MIUI 13, 12.5, and 12.

5. Download Material X

For your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO, download Material X right away if vibrant themes are your thing. This MIUI theme is distinguished by its warm wallpaper and simple but vibrant custom icons. The control centre retains its core, but the buttons have been given a more distinctive design that commands considerable attention.

The only thing Material X has to offer beyond its appealing appearance is simplicity. Your lock screen is kept uncomplicated and has a big clock in the middle of it. However, the finest feature is how well it works in dark mode. Only mobile devices running MIUI 12 and 12.5 can use it.


A different region

It’s easy to make the necessary adjustments on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO device to change the region. Simply choose a location other than your home region by going to Settings > Additional Settings > Region. Try to apply your chosen theme after that. Once the goal has been reached, you can take the same route back to your hometown.

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