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Features, specifications, and release information for the Surface Go 4

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What can we anticipate from the Surface Go 4? Microsoft’s most recent Surface Go didn’t have a lot of new features. Here is what we currently know.

Although the computers in the Microsoft Surface Go line aren’t the most interesting, they do have some advantages. These gadgets are fantastic since they include a Full HD+ 3:2 display, a 1080p webcam (plus one on the back), and Windows Hello facial recognition at a very affordable price.

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The Surface Go 3 is undoubtedly the greatest in the series, and according to our evaluation, it’s a fantastic option for a budget tablet. But since we’re always looking ahead, you might be interested in learning more about the Surface Go 4 when it becomes available.

The Surface Go 3 was released almost a year ago, and while we aren’t anticipating a successor just yet, there are a few features we hope to see in the Surface Go 4 when it comes. Let’s consider what might occur if Microsoft does release a new, inexpensive tablet.

When will the Surface Go 4 be released?

One of Microsoft’s most recent Surface lines, the Surface Go series, hasn’t had the most reliable releases thus far. The improved Surface Go 2 wasn’t released until nearly two years after the original Surface Go, which was released in August 2018. It has altered a little since then because the Surface Go 3 was released in less than a year and a half.

According to what we’ve heard, the following version will probably be released in 2023, which corresponds to the previous version’s average gap between releases. A Surface Go 3 is on a black table.

Because it is a low-end device, it doesn’t require as frequent updates, and the most recent version already has quite strong hardware for devices in the entry-level category. Microsoft had a hardware presentation on October 12, 2022, but did not display the Surface Go 4. Instead, it displayed the Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, and Surface Studio 2 Plus. A Surface Go 4 should be available by at least next spring, though it might be released later.

What features of the Surface Go 4 will be new?

Given that the Surface Go series is a low-end alternative, Microsoft hasn’t added many new features to them since they were introduced. The Surface Go 2’s screen size has increased to 10.5 inches due to lower bezels, but other than that, not much has changed.

Even while we don’t anticipate many significant changes, there undoubtedly will be some, at least internally.

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Of course, a rise in specs is one thing we can expect. The Intel Pentium Gold 6500Y or the Core i3-10100Y are the CPU options for the Surface Go 3, but we’ve heard that the upcoming generation might use a Qualcomm processor for the first time. According to rumours, the Surface Go 4 will use a Qualcomm processor, most likely one from the Snapdragon 7c family. This is something that fans have long desired, and it may soon come to pass.

But there’s still a chance that Intel may power some business-oriented devices. It makes reasonable to have the choice because business users frequently favour Intel CPUs. The Surface Go 3 CPUs will need to be replaced in some fashion by the Intel chips. They should make use of Intel’s new hybrid architecture.

We don’t anticipate many changes to the appearance or functionality, but one could be the Surface Pen. The Surface Go 3 still makes use of the older Surface Pen, unlike the Surface Pro 8, Pro X, and Laptop Studio from Microsoft. However, over time, it’s expected that all Surface devices—possibly including the Surface Go 4—will instead support the Surface Slim Pen.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that neither the Studio 2 Plus nor the Surface Laptop 5 are designed to store or charge the new Slim Pen features. Therefore, it might take some time before this new pen becomes the norm, especially on less expensive devices.

The Surface Pro line will employ the new Surface keyboard connector from Microsoft, but once more, this may not be a primary concern. You shouldn’t anticipate it to have a Thunderbolt connector or a 120Hz screen like Microsoft’s high-end devices. These are very pricey features that would be out of the Surface Go’s pricing range at launch.

What is the price?

The pricing of Surface Go have been remarkably stable with each subsequent generation, and it appears that this trend will continue in the years to come. Without the keyboard and pen, the base pricing will probably be little under $400. It can cost between $800 and $1000 depending on what you add.

If Microsoft chooses to switch to the Surface Slim Pen form factor, the cost of the pen and keyboard might vary. Although the business might employ a less expensive model for the Surface Go, this pen has often been more pricey.

That is all we can say at this moment on the Surface Go 4, especially considering the fact that we do not anticipate its release any time soon. If you want to buy a cheap tablet in the near future, you should look at the Surface Go 3, which is still pretty new. You may also have a look at our list of the top Surface PCs if you have a larger budget. Look at our list of the best laptops if you don’t think the Surface is for you.

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