Failure caused the deaths of Three Teenage Girls Emily Moore, Christie Harnett, and Nadia Sharif at West Lane’s NHS Hospital

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Failure caused the deaths of three teenage girls at the NHS hospital in West Lane: Here, we provide an update on the factors that led to the suicide of three teenage females. Three girls passed away in the Trust’s hospital a few years ago. Since then, many have been curious to find out who is to blame for the deaths of three teenage girls.

Finally, we have an update. This article will outline the findings of the investigation into the Tees, Esk, and Wear Valleys NHS Trust (TEWV). It is encouraged that you continue reading this post and stay on this page. The three girls’ names, please. What names did they go by? The following portions of this post contain some crucial questions that you should learn. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page and look there.

Three teenage girls passed away at the NHS hospital in West Lane.

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According to the reports, the investigation found that the mental hospital’s inadequate care and facilities were to blame for the deaths of three teenage girls. Emily Moore, Christie Harnett, and Nadia Sharif were three teenagers with those names. The ages of the three girls were 18, 17, and 17, respectively.

The psychiatric hospitals run by the Trust received three female patients. However, an examination revealed that the hospital had made over a hundred mistakes. These mistakes ultimately contributed to the deaths of the girls. 120 flaws were reportedly discovered throughout the probe, per the reports. Continue reading the page’s details by scrolling down.

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Teenage girls were reportedly cared after by TEWV for several years previous to their deaths in 2019 and 2020. The girls named above reportedly received care at West Lane Hospital, however the facility was eventually closed.

Three girls committed suicide just eight months before the pandemic, which prompted NHS England to launch an investigation into the Tees, Esk, and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust.

Three teenage girls family
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Brent Kilmurray, the chief executive of TEWV, said that he “unconditionally apologised for the grave mistakes” in the treatment of the three adolescents.

“Our lovely kids should not have failed in this way, and we need the answers to many more concerns,” said the families of the girls who died as a result of inadequate medical attention and facilities at the Trust’s hospitals.

Not just for us, but also for the numerous other families whose anguish we are aware comes from losing a loved one who should not have passed away but instead received proper care.

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