Former Facebook Employee George Hayward has made a Startling Claim

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Facebook has come under fire for purposely draining users’ phone batteries

Our lives would not be complete without our smartphones. They now handle the majority of our daily tasks for us. Battery life is one of the main issues we have. Our phones’ battery life, which was nearly a day and a half when we initially acquired them, is no longer stable.

The apps we have installed and use are primarily to blame for this drop. But did you realise that a single, widely used app can swiftly drain your power without your knowledge? Here are the specifics

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Former Facebook employee George Hayward has made a startling claim. According to him, Facebook and Messenger are capable of deliberately draining the batteries of their customers’ handsets. Technology companies can use this “Negative Testing” procedure to covertly drain a user’s phone’s battery in order to test functionality of an app.

Battery Low

The company is accused of illegally draining phone batteries by a former employee of Facebook.

I remarked to the management, “This can harm anybody,” and she stated by damaging a few we can benefit the bigger masses, according to the former Meta employee who said he declined to participate in these experiments. Don’t injure people, every data scientist worth their salt will know.

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After being fired shortly after, Hayward sued the business in Manhattan Federal Court. The main justification for the case is that Facebook users could not always have access to their phones at crucial moments.

Dan Kaiser stressed that depleting smartphone users’ batteries puts them in peril. “It’s illegal and absurd that anyone may change the battery of my phone,” the attorney continued.

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Hayward received an internal training manual from Meta titled “How to run intelligent negative tests” at one point during his employment there. This manual featured examples of how to carry out such tests. This implies that the dominant social media company has conducted similar experiments in the past. However, Meta has not yet made a statement about the situation; one is anticipated to be released soon.

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