The upcoming Kojima Productions game will feature Elle Fanning.

Kojima Productions Game
Kojima Productions Game

Fans now have their first major announcement for Kojima’s upcoming game after a string of cryptic tweets from him, but there is still more mystery to unravel.

Kojima Productions has said it will collaborate with actress Elle Fanning in one of its next films after a string of mysterious hints. This verifies several online fan rumours that the actress would be involved with the production. While some have highlighted the potential for a Death Stranding sequel, it is still unclear exactly what project the actress will be working on. Death Stranding might not even be connected to the next game since the alleged Overdose game has been mentioned as well.

There hasn’t been much information previously on what Kojima Productions intends to release next. The game’s single-player focus led to the purported cancellation of a Google Stadia exclusive that was in the works. Then, rumours of a game that would only be available on the PlayStation caught on like wildfire online.

Fans are all too accustomed to Kojima’s unique and sly methods of disclosing details about what Kojima Productions has been working on since the triumphant launch of Death Stranding. He recently played pranks on fans at the Tokyo Game Show by appearing there but offering only a second silhouetted image of an unidentified character and the words “Who am I?” regarding the studio’s next game. There is now proof of “who” it is.

Elle Fanning

The fact that Elle Fanning is associated with Kojima Productions was made known via a reddened poster image with the words “Who am I?” written over it. Fans could access the image-containing official website of Kojima Productions by scanning a QR code that read “Where am I?” at PAX Australia, where the teaser first appeared. Other than the simple description that it was a “Hideo Kojima Game,” no other information was provided. Therefore, it looks that the place or “where” addressed in Kojima’s most recent teaser tweet on Twitter, which teased “The answer to “WHO” at TGS will be in the next “WHERE,”” was PAX Australia.

Fans have been speculating since the appearance of the enigmatic silhouetted photos teased on Kojima’s Twitter page, and this disclosure finally validates their suspicions. While the image gave a clear explanation of who is specifically engaged in the upcoming Kojima game, it also raised more questions about what the next big game will entail. This teaser could be for the rumoured Overdose game that Kojima has allegedly been working on for some time, or it could be for the anticipated Death Stranding 2 game. Right now, no one is certain.

There is a good reason why many Death Stranding fans want more of the series. Many consider it to be a modern classic because to its originality in the sci-fi genre, and it would make sense to further explore and extend a world with so many potentials. Many others also concur that a spin-off or prequel would be a better approach to expand the game’s universe and give it some background so that a sequel would be compelling enough to draw players back into Death Stranding’s world.

Who AM I ?

Not much is currently known about Kojima’s suspected Overdose project. Although there are some rumours and leaks to consider, there isn’t much to consider. It will be a third-person horror game, a reliable source said. Although Kojima hasn’t confirmed it, fans are thrilled at the idea of the creator of P.T. taking on another horror title.

It will be intriguing to see what Kojima Productions has in store, whether it’s expanding on an already established series or exposing them to something entirely new.


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