Alexa Sangalang
Alexa Sangalang

On episode 36 of the InForm Fitness Podcast, professional bodybuilder, author, trainer, and biomechanics expert Doug Brignole will speak with us.

Doug will share his vast knowledge and training techniques, such as compound vs. isolation, training vs. recovery, the advantages and disadvantages of stretching, static vs. dynamic exercises, excellent exercise form, and recreation to improve balance and core strength. Follow Visit our website or Google News for more updates.

What is happening to InForm Nation? Once more, thank you for listening to our InForm Fitness podcast, in which we talk about slow, high-intensity strength training’s safety and efficacy.

I’m Tim Edwards, the creator of the InBound Podcasting Network and an InForm Fitness client. Soon, Mike Rogers, general manager of the Manhattan facility, Adam Zickerman, and Sheila Melody, co-owner of the Toluca Lake plant in Burbank, will join us in person to co-host the podcast with us.

Doug Brignole, a legend of bodybuilding, passes away at age 63

You heard a bodybuilder’s voice on the programme you just saw, Doug Brignole. You’re going to like our time with Doug even if you’re not interested in bodybuilding, so listen up. He is a storehouse of knowledge that anyone interested in safe weight training would find interesting and useful, in addition to having a big and captivating personality.

Doug will impart his vast knowledge of biomechanics and training principles, covering topics like compound versus isolation exercises, training versus recovery, dos and don’ts for increasing exercise variety, static versus dynamic exercises, proper exercise form for enhancing balance and core strength, and finally Strength and Recovery.

If you’re listening in your car or while walking your dog, it might take you several trips to work or laps around the block because this episode will address all of these topics and more. We hope you enjoy your time with Doug Brignole, whatever you decide to listen to.


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