RIP: Charlotte Crosby’s Grandmother Jean’s Obituary in the News

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Charlotte Crosby is devastated by the death of her grandmother:- Charlotte Crosby recently posted a statement on her social media accounts telling everyone of her grandmother’s passing. Charlotte Crosby revealed her grandmother’s loss on social media and shared a very touching video of her and her with the public.

Just a month after giving birth to her first child, Charlotte revealed in a statement that it was her grandmother who gave her first kid the name Alba Jean. She says her grandmother was the source of all of her happiness. “Little nana Jean,” as Charlotte used to refer to her grandma. In her statement, Charlotte Crosby declared that her world would never be the same again.

Who Was Charlotte Crosby’s Grandmother?

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Recently, it was reported that Charlotte Crosby’s grandma had passed away. However, there hasn’t been much information about Charlotte grandma’s private life. However, based on Charlotte most recent social media post, we may infer that her grandmother was a very caring individual.

When her grandma gave birth to her first child last month, she immediately gave her the name Alba Jean. Charlotte Crosby revealed in an Instagram post that she wished she could spend more days and hours with her grandmother even though she did not live with her.

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An internationally renowned English television personality is Crosby. She gained international recognition after appearing in the MTV reality series Geordie Shore and winning the 12th season of Celebrity Big Brother. Charlotte began to represent Just Tattoo of Us in 2017 and launched her own show, “The Charlotte Show,” the following year.

A Tribute to Grandmother of Charlotte Crosby

Every time someone leaves the earth, we feel horrible and everything appears to be made of air, as if we are unable to feel anything at all. And when it involves someone who is actually extremely close to us, there is intense sadness and pain in our hearts that never leaves them.

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Charlotte would mourn her grandma’s presence for the rest of her life, and no one else in the world could ever give her the kind of love her grandmother had for her. We fervently hope that Charlotte Crosby’s grandmother will be at peace in paradise.

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