Darji Web Series Cast, Trailer, and Premiere for The Woow App!

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On the official Woow app, you may watch online episodes of the Darji web series. Both supporters and detractors of the online series complimented how well it was put together. On November 14, 2022, the comedy-drama programme debuted. Due to the excellent acting and captivating plot, viewers adored the Darji web series.

The Darji web series’ lead actors are Pallavi Debnath and Ekta More. The three-part web series is directed by Satti Bhairupa, and each episode lasts 20 to 25 minutes.

Darji Web series by Woow App

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On the Woow App, you can watch every episode of Darji online. Pallavi Debnath played a significant role in the Woow App web serial Hai Yeh Aag, which was previously released. In order to remain functional on the regional OTT platform, the Woow app has modified.

Ekta More engaged a personal trainer in Darji episode 2 in order to reduce weight. But she did have a bed with her trainer. Episode 3 features another heated exchange between Pallavi Debnath and Aman Dhaliwal.

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A major plot surprise at the end of the episode revealed that Ekta More had sent Pallavi Debnath to her husband in order to gauge his allegiance. It seems weird that Pallavi Debnath lied to her because she was interested in Darji. For a week, we might not know what will occur next.

The Darji, Aman Dhaliwal, is a fictional character in the Darji. He embarks on an exhilarating joyride, and the series follows him. The series is worth viewing all at once, despite the fact that the conclusion leaves viewers unsatisfied. Ekta More and Pallavi Debnath frequently visit Darji at the same time.

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The Darji authors may produce a number of episodes that go into further detail regarding the character’s life after coming out, his extramarital connection with Pallavi Debnath, and his other s*xy relationships.

Cast of the web series “Darji Woow”

Pallavi Debnath, Aman Dhaliwal, Ekta More, Saab Dhir, Pal Paramjeet

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