Where is Daniel Patry now, and what happened to Gabriel Kuhn?

Photos and Images Explanations! The alarming report that video game Tibia caused Daniel Patry to kill Gabriel Kuhn is going around the internet. Everyone has been stunned by this revelation, which has since become a major issue of discussion.

The word astonished everyone, and now everyone is curious to learn the real reason why the event became viral online. They did this by looking up the actual cause of death online. To find out everything you need to know about what’s happening, keep reading ComingSoonnews.

What Actions Did Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn Take? Images and a Narrative of an Autopsy

Gabriel Kuhn was just 12 years old when Daniel Patry, who was 16 at the time, is accused of attacking, torturing, and killing him. In 2007, Blumenau, Brazil, experienced this.

Gabriel Kuhn, a young child, was brutally murdered by Daniel Patry because he refused to return the money he had spent on the video game Tibia. According to reports, Daniel has always had a strong personality, and his family takes him to mental appointments.

How did Gabriel Kuhn fare?

He dropped out of school despite not hearing the sessions. He met a local boy named Gabriel while playing the online role-playing game Tibia, which he was paid to do. A 12-year-old youngster then requested permission to take $20,000 in virtual currency from Tibia. He received the money from Daniel with the understanding that he would return it, but he didn’t. In order to prevent Daniel from demanding his money back, he also barred him from his social media sites.

Where is Daniel Patry now, and what happened to Gabriel Kuhn?

After seeing this, Daniel called his mother to ask when she would be home because he was furious. He discovered how much time he had after learning that his mother was in Nova Trento at 9:30 a.m. on a day when people were being slaughtered, so he hurried to Gabriel’s residence.

He stated he could apologise and that everything would be alright between them after knocking on the door. Then Gabriel allowed him inside.

Daniel then shut the door and began assaulting Gabriel. Later, after killing Gabriel, he began to mock him. He was reportedly imprisoned for approximately three years, but he maintains his innocence and tells the court that he got his retribution and is content with it.

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