China Announces a New Universal Fast Charging Standard

Universal Fast Charging
Universal Fast Charging

The China Communications Standards Association and other parties jointly announced a new standard for universal fast charging in the nation earlier today (September 29, 2022). Here are the specifics since a lot of brands have now joined in.

11 fast charging certificates, the first set of which was just released by the China Communications Standards Association. Several Chinese smartphone manufacturers have now achieved these certifications, according to this announcement. This also contains well-known brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo. In order to encourage the growth of fast charging technology in terms of five key areas, a new standard for universal fast charging was created.

to maintain the rapid charging solution’s advancement and broaden its application support.
Encourage the consolidation of the rapid charging group’s specifications into a single, globally applicable standard.
This would also make it easier to monitor the development of global fast charging standards and potentially raise Chinese group standards to the level of those used internationally, making China the de facto leader in the field.
Encourage more businesses to use a single fast charging standard.
It will also assist in enhancing third party certification and identification, as a final benefit.

The Universal Fast Charging Specification, or UFCS, is the name of the new standard. With the aforementioned businesses already on board, this will soon be embraced by many smartphone manufacturers. One of the first brand-new certifications made available is for the first stage’s maximum power output of 40W, while the second stage’s maximum power output is 65W for charging. Although this still falls short of some of the fast charging choices found on some high-end smartphones, we may anticipate that the standards will soon receive these certifications.


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