Following the pandemic, it appeared that the world had switched to the digital platform for a variety of industries, from profession to education. The popularity of systems like Zoom for online meetings and education increased as a result. It now appears that WhatsApp plans to provide Call Links, a similar feature, on its own.

Mark Zuckerberg introduced the new Facebook function earlier this week. According to what he said, the well-known chat messaging app will test the encrypted video call feature, which will accommodate up to 32 individuals.

Call Links will enable platform-wide support for both audio and video calls. Similar to Zoom and Google Meet, creating a call link on WhatsApp is as easy as clicking the “Calls” tab and choosing the “Create call link” option.


Users will then receive a URL that they can share with other people. Anyone else who only clicks on this link will be added to the call immediately. Calls on WhatsApp may currently only handle eight persons at once. Therefore, it isn’t very well-liked for larger corporate gatherings or educational purposes.

However, this change might make it a more appealing product on the market. The messaging software has the ability to significantly reduce market share held by Google and Zoom since it is already among the largest chat platforms in the globe.

This may be particularly true in places like India, where WhatsApp has a significant market share relative to other social media networks. People are likely to switch if the user experience and functionality are similar to Meets or Zoom since using a single app for several tasks is preferable to having a cluttered phone with various apps.


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