Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy

Yesterday, SmartPrix and Digit India worked with trustworthy tipper Steve Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks) to disclose the CAD renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus. The tipster and SmartPrix have now joined together once more to publish the CAD renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The fresh pictures demonstrate that the Samsung S23 Ultra will let down those who were hoping for a significant redesign.

Renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s renderings show that it resembles the Galaxy S22 Ultra in terms of aesthetics. What has changed, then? There are no protrusions on either of the two smaller camera rings. Because the metal frame is relatively flat on all sides, the display is less curved than the S22 Ultra.

Additionally, it looks that the Galaxy S23 Ultra includes a second microphone on its bottom edge. The display appears to have symmetrical, extremely thin bezels. The S23 Ultra looks nearly identical to the S22 Ultra save from these modifications.

Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a power button and a volume rocker on the right edge. A SIM card slot, a USB-C port, a speaker grille, two microphones, and a S Pen container are all located on the bottom. While the left side is basic, the top has a microphone.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is smaller than its predecessor, measuring 163.4 x 78.1 x 8.8mm as opposed to 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9mm. The S23 Ultra will have a 6.8-inch display like its forerunner.

There are numerous rumours suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a 200-megapixel main camera and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. It is rumoured that it will copy the S22 Ultra’s other specifications.


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