Bruno Latour, a French philosopher and anthropologist, passes away at age 75

Alexa Sangalang
Alexa Sangalang

On October 9, 2022, philosopher Bruno Latour, who was 75 years old, passed away. H was well-known for his studies in science and technology, so when the news of his passing spread on the internet and on social media, people were startled and curious as to what caused it. Since many people are unfamiliar with him, we’ve included some essential information about him in the area below. Therefore, if you came here for the same reason, check out what follows.

Bruno Latour: Who Was He?

He was born in France on June 22, 1947. He was a French philosopher and sociologist by training. He was interested in philosophy from an early age, and when he took the French National Competitive exam, he first placed second before moving up to first. The University of Tours awarded him a PhD in philosophical theology in 1975 as well. Later, he discovers his passion for anthropology, and he spends more than 20 years at the centre conducting the same type of research. He was honoured by the University of Montreal in 2008, and among the many honours he has received over his career is the Holberg prize.

Bruno Latour

Bruno Latour’s Family Tree

Accordingly, if we are talking about his family, his mother’s name was Anna Muller and his father’s name was Azzizurrahman Latjuba. As for his marital status, he was indeed married, but his wife’s name has not been made public. He also had two children, but he never disclosed their existence to the media out of concern for their safety. However, he left them now, and the following paragraph will discuss his cause of death. So let’s take a look at the section after this.

Why Did Bruno Latour Pass Away?

The cause of his death has only been disclosed by his family, and since they withheld further details, it is assumed that he was elderly and in poor health when he was admitted to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. People are paying him respect on social media and asking about the specifics of his funeral, and his family has requested privacy so they may grieve. When we have new information on him, we will let you know. In the meantime, we send him our sincere prayers for eternal peace.


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