Betty Kyalo has already made headlines for all the wrong reasons

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Betty Kyalo Viral :-Due to an allegedly fake video of a media personality becoming viral online, a Kenyan media celebrity is currently in the news. The film, according to the sources, shows Betty Kyallo, a well-known Kenyan media figure engaged in earlier scandals. Authorities claim that this video swiftly increased in popularity online. For the latest recent news, visit ComingSoonNews on our website.

Who is Betty Kyalo, exactly?

Because the video can be viewed by everyone online. Keep reading as we go into more depth regarding this website video starring media icon Betty Kyallo. Before the viral video featuring Betty went viral, she was already well-known in Kenya. Betty Kyalo is well known for taking risks and being resilient in challenging situations. She first gained notoriety on the Kenyan television network, where she is well-known as a television personality.

Betty Kyalo Video Goes Viral

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She started out there as an intern before rising to the position of 9 p.m. news anchor. She previously worked at Kenya TV Network, where she interviewed and questioned a variety of celebrities. She has now joined K24 news.

She gave up watching television in 2021 and started the salon BK Salons. He joined the cast of The Max Show in 2022, even though her salon was still open.

Betty Images
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This week, a video of a lady having s*x with a man was posted on Twitter. Betty was identified as the woman in the video later, which at first raised little concern. This video acquired popularity online and on numerous social media platforms as soon as people started sharing it on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

Detailed video of Betty Kyalo

The woman shows off and engages in intimate physical contact with the male in the video. Online users posted both the video’s real content and screenshots of it. People started to speculate that the man in the video might be her new partner.

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Even Betty Kyalo saw the video and commented right away because it had been shared so widely. With the disclaimer that the woman in the video is not her, Betty posted a tale on her verified Instagram account showing her clutching a champagne glass and sporting a glass.

The woman in the video, according to Betty, is another B. This proves that the woman in the video might not be her, but because of how much she looks like Betty, some people might have mistaken her for her.

Whatever the case, the video has racked up a tonne of shares and is currently trending online. Betty has already made headlines for all the wrong reasons; she once shared a selfie that quickly went viral.

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