Apple Watch Ultra: If you smash it, you’ll have to pay about Rs. 43,000

The price of Apple Watch Ultra repairs has been made public by Apple. And for the price of its repair, you could practically purchase a new Watch Series 8.

Apple unveiled its 2019 Apple Watch lineup earlier this week. The Cupertino juggernaut has released three new smartwatches this time around: the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, and the new Apple Watch SE. The Watch Ultra is the most costly and robust smartwatch offered by the company. However, you would have to pay up up to Rs 43,000 if you break it or if something awful occurs.

Apple Watch 8

The price of repairing an Apple Watch Ultra is available.

Apple just revealed the price of repairing the Apple Watch Ultra in China. Additionally, its repair costs are the highest of any Apple Watch to date. To fix the Apple Watch, Apple will charge CNY 3,749 (about Rs 43,113 or $541). Depending on where you live, this equals roughly 50% to 60% of the cost of the smartwatch.

It is important to note that these pricing only apply to China, not to other countries or areas like India. The price of the Watch Ultra’s repairs in India has not yet been disclosed by Apple. For the Watch Ultra, AppleCare+ is priced at Rs 10,900 in India. The smartwatch requires $499 in repairs in the US.

The smartwatch has a lot to offer in addition to durability. With a 49mm diameter, the dial is the largest yet found on an Apple Watch. It sports a sapphire crystal screen with an insane 2000 nits of brightness and a titanium body. Even some high-end smartphones have a brightness range of 1200–1500 nits, therefore the Watch Ultra appears to be exclusively intended for outdoor use.

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The cost of the repair for those with an AppleCare+ subscription is simply CNY 588 (about Rs 6,762 or $85). For CNY 799 (about Rs 9,188 or $115) for two years, you may subscribe to AppleCare+ in China.

Although the Apple Watch Ultra’s repair expenses are on the costly side, keep in mind that the timepiece itself costs Rs 89,900. Interesting enough, the smartwatch possesses MIL-STD 810H certification and is water-resistant up to 100mm for that price.

The smartwatch is currently available for purchase in India, and shipping will begin on September 23.

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