Apple spent on the Emergency SOS programme was $450 million

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Here’s How the iPhone 14 Lineup’s Emergency SOS Feature through Satellite System Was Created.

Emergency SOS through Satellite Mode is a brand-new function available on the recently released Apple iPhone 14 range. The SOS mode is a standard feature on almost all smartphones on the market, but the one found in the new iPhone 14 series is more advanced. Later this month, the new iPhones’ satellite-based SOS capability will become available in the US and Canada. The brand has now formally acknowledged how much time and effort went into creating this new system.

The company claims that when an iPhone user sends an Emergency SOS message, one of Globalstar’s 24 low-Earth orbit satellites, which orbit the planet at a speed of about 25,749 km/h, receives it. After that, the message is sent by satellite to specially designed ground stations positioned at key locations around the globe.

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Exclusively for Apple, Cobham Satcom in Concord, California, designed and built new high-power antennas. Many antennas are used by each ground station to connect with the satellites. When a message is received by the ground station, it is either relayed to emergency services or a centre staffed by emergency personnel with Apple training.

The ground stations and satellite network of Globalstar received significant enhancements thanks to the Cupertino company. As a result, the new iPhone 14 Emergency SOS service will be supported by nearly 300 Globalstar employees. The band designated for mobile satellite services is used by Emergency SOS via satellite, according to Apple.

Emergency SOS
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The total amount Apple spent on the Emergency SOS programme was $450 million. The majority of such money was used to build the feature’s infrastructure in association with satellite service provider Globalstar. The brand may eventually broaden the feature’s availability; for the moment, it is only available in the US and Canadian markets. But as of right moment, the company has no plans to advertise outside of the US.

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