Apple Eyes Chip orders are coming from US and European firms to diversify outside of Taiwan

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Apple has been attempting to expand its supply chain and production activities outside of China for some time, as is already known. Although it seems that the corporation also intends to diversify its chip supply, relocating outside of Taiwan.

Apple Eyes Chip:-

The Cupertino-based business is attempting to diversify its chip chip production away from Taiwan, according to a Bloomberg article. According to reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a meeting with employees that the company “already made a choice to be buying out of a plant in Arizona.” In other words, it intends to purchase chips from US fabrication facilities, where production is scheduled to start in 2024. This indicates that in less than two years, the manufacturer of the iPhone will have a new semiconductor source.

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The corporation is reportedly interested in European semiconductor producers in addition to the Arizona-based fab. For those who are unaware, Apple’s exclusive M series of PC chips are used in MacBooks and iPhones. The largest contract chip manufacturer in the world, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, produces a range of mobile CPUs. As the name would imply, the majority of its fabrication facilities are situated in Taiwan, though a cutting-edge facility is also being constructed there.

Therefore, it seems possible that the Arizona-based supplier is TSMC. The business, however, is not the only one establishing a fab factory in Arizona. Recently, a law was passed by the US government authorising an investment of more than $50 billion in domestic semiconductor production. Additionally, Intel has announced that it intends to use its semiconductor manufacturing facilities to produce chips for other businesses. Consider this news with a grain of salt for the time being because it has not yet been confirmed.

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