Anker Launches the Anker Nano3, New 30W Fast Charger Starting At Only 119 RMB (18 USD)

Anker nano, a well-known global producer of consumer electronics with headquarters in the Chinese region of Hunan, unveiled the Anker Nano 3 today at its official launch event in that country.

The company’s 30 W GaN small fast charger is called the Anker Nano 3. As the name implies, it is extremely lightweight, weighing only 30 grammes, and measures 28.5 mm x 28.5 mm x 35.5 mm. The charger only has one USB-C port that can offer up to 30 watts of electricity as its single output charging port.

The tiny lightweight form factor is accompanied by a variety of very vivid colour choices. There are five distinct colour options for the Anker Nano 3 30 W, including Shadow Black, Aurora White, Nature Green, Lavender Purple, and Morning Mist Blue.


The Anker Nano 3 is a compact travel adapter that has connecting pins that can be folded when not in use and opened up to connect to a power outlet.

The Anker Nano 3 has specific charging standards of 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/2A, and 20V/1.5A. PPS charging support ranges from 3.3V to 11V across 3A (30 W Max) or 3.3V to 16V across 2A. (30 W Max).

According to Anker, the Anker Nano 3 can charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max from zero to fifty percent in just thirty minutes, the M2 Macbook Air from zero to fifty percent in 58 minutes, and the iPad Air M1 (5th Generation) from zero to fifty percent in forty-five minutes.
Additionally, the Anker Nano 3 is also known as the Anker 511 Charger and the Anker A2147 Charger, respectively.

An official 24-month guarantee for the charger is included with the Anker Nano 3 when it goes on sale in China today for 119 RMB (18 USD).

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