Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper is an American rapper better known by the stage name Saweetie

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Happy morning! This article will teach you something about Saweetie, which will be very fascinating. Following the revelation that some lines were lifted from the new album, the audience and fans have been speculating that Quavo may have accidentally spilled some of Saweetie’s secrets.

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Quavo and a few lines from the new album have recently come to light, according to the news. Currently involved with Sawateei, a former May Go member who was featured on the album’s new song set, Quavo is also connected to her.

Saweetie Viral Pictures & Video

It was thus revealed on Friday that he was attempting to expand upon and enhance the new song on an album that allegedly contained some of the best title tracks and was made exclusively for Infinity Links as a pair.

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The lyrics of the song implied that because his ex-girlfriend was so messy, people all over the world were convinced that she was sleeping with offset. In addition, he claims that despite f*ing my partner behind my back, I don’t feel under any pressure.

Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper

Who is the Saweetie? Facebook & Real Name

People who thought he was making references to Saweetei throughout all of the sentences flooded social media as the material was being removed with reactions and comments. Locals have been talking about how puzzling it is for them that he not only betrays his wife, but also your cousin’s girlfriend.

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Before deciding to break up in 2021 on March, the two of them had been dating for more than two years. He ascribed the breakup to her ex-treachery. husband’s

Others, however, thought he was referring to Sawteei’s child, whom she had started dating after they split up. Saweetie, who is currently 29 years old, was born and raised in California in the United States.

Sweetie is a well-known American professional rapper. Warner Records, Warner Music Australia, and other labels have given Saweetie recognition for her outstanding work.

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