Ambrane releases its first pair of intelligent sunglasses with integrated speakers for Rs 4,999

The Glares offer connectivity out to a distance of 10 metres. Touch controls on the eyeglasses allow users to operate a variety of capabilities, including call acceptance and rejection.

Glares, a new model of smart sunglasses from Ambrane, are available for Rs 4,999. In essence, Glares have speakers so that users can listen to sounds with the aid of a guided audio design. The new sunglasses have rounded and square frames. The item is available for purchase through Ambrane’s own web store. It is currently only available in black.

It has been made sure that both men and women can wear the smartglasses. A 365-day guarantee is included with the goods against any manufacturing flaws.

The brand-new Ambrane Glares have touch controls for their built-in speakers. HD surround sound and a MEMS microphone are included with the smart sunglasses. The Glares have an IPX4 grade for water resistance. The eyewear includes audio technology that utilises Bluetooth 5.1 to connect to a smart device. The speakers built into the spectacles, according to the manufacturers, cancel out strong background sounds. Up to 7 hours of battery backup are promised by the new Glares on a single charge.

Instant pairing and Hall Switch technology, which connects as soon as the temples are opened, are features of the smart glasses. The Glares offer connectivity out to a distance of 10 metres.


Touch controls on the eyeglasses can be used to operate a variety of capabilities, including employing voice help, accepting and declining calls, and regulating playback. The UV400-certified smart glasses contain interchangeable clear blue-light-filtering lenses.

According to the manufacturer, the sunglasses offer 99.99 percent UV protection. The smart glasses also provide glare reduction for the sun. The smart glasses have a magnetic clip-on that can be used to change the lenses from blue light-blocking to regular sunglasses.

“We are thrilled to present our first Smart glasses,” stated Ashok Rajpal, Co-Founder and Director of Ambrane India. Glares creates cutting-edge audio experiences through eyeglasses by utilising cutting-edge sound technology and design. The item mixes music, visual, and fashion to enhance a wearer’s daily experiences and enable them to express themselves through accessories.

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