Apple tv
Apple tv

Since quite some time, there have been two distinct versions of the Apple TV available side by side. The fourth-generation Apple TV HD was released alongside the 4K TV when it was initially introduced in 2017. With the introduction of the most recent TV model in 4K, the business has finally stopped selling the previous HD model.

For those who are unaware, the Cupertino-based company earlier this week unveiled the newest TV 4K model. The TV HD version, which was previously available only in the official store of the iPhone manufacturer, was also taken off the market at the same time.

The Apple TV HD model represented the series’ fourth iteration and was also its first model to run on tvOS, a separate operating system made just for these gadgets. Additionally, it sported 2GB of RAM and the A8 processor.

The introduction of the Siri Remote, which included a touchpad and motion sensors, was another of the main attractions of the fourth generation Apple TV. For the 32GB version, a starting price of 149 US Dollars was stated. The TV 4K, the first model with 4K resolution and HDR compatibility, was ultimately unveiled by the business. Additionally, it had the more potent A10X Fusion chipset. The A12 Bionic chip and a new Siri Remote were added to this gadget in 2021 for yet another update.

The newest generation, the Apple TV 4K 2022, has an even more potent A15 Bionic chipset that is roughly 50% faster than the A12 chipset. In addition, the new Siri Remote has a USB Type C charging port in instead of the Lightning port found on earlier models. With a lower starting price of 129 US Dollars, it also doubled the starting storage capacity to 64GB and increased it to 128GB at its maximum.


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