Nokia is the 5th top smartphone brand in the US – IDC report

The Nokia brand has maintained a significant presence in the US market and ranks as the sixth most popular smartphone brand there.

The most recent IDC survey made this revelation, along with the fact that the Nokia C100 is the fifteenth-most popular smartphone this year. According to the research, the Nokia C200 also enjoyed a prosperous year in 2022.

According to the IDC slide, shipments of Nokia smartphones increased in Q2 2022 compared to Q1 and year over year. Nokia sees great potential in the American market and anticipates continuing its good performance in the third quarter of 2022.

The IDC analyst withheld the report’s supporting data, although it was consistent with the Q1 reports from IDC and Strategy Analytics in the past. In the market for feature phones, Nokia is a market leader on a global scale. In the US, Nokia Mobile is experiencing success and is rapidly increasing its market share to include smartphones.

According to a prior report, Europe’s growth rate for Nokia Mobile was less spectacular at 31% than it was in North America at 87%.

The focus of the brand is reflected in the IDC report on Nokia’s performance in the US, which contributes to the company’s overall excellent financial performance. Since 2021, Nokia has had some quite impressive results in both Europe and North America. Another market where Nokia has maintained a strong performance is the United Kingdom. For the most recent developments, visit!!!!

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