Brazil has imposed a $2 million fine and a ban on the sale of iPhones without chargers

Apple has just been smacked with another big penalties. The corporation has been having problems in the Brazilian market for some time, and now it could be hit with a $2 million fine and have several of its iPhone models banned.

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice levied a fine of 12.275 million reals braziliensis, or around 2.34 million dollars, on the offender. For those who are unaware, the multinational corporation with headquarters in Cupertino has been having problems in the area since since it chose to discontinue distributing its iPhones with a charger already included in the package. The sale of any iPhone model that doesn’t come with a power adaptor has thus been prohibited by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice.

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i Phone 14 Pro max
iPhone 14 Pro max

Apple has released a statement in response to the penalties and the ban following this decision. According to this statement, the business pledged to address any issues raised by the National Consumer Secretary (SENACON), a division of the Ministry of Justice that made the fine decision. According to Apple’s Brazil division, “Our customers are aware of the numerous alternatives for charging and connecting their devices because we have already won multiple court judgements in Brazil on this topic.”

The penalty won’t be levied right away, but it will take effect as soon as the Ministry determines that Apple has evaded the sales prohibition it intends to enforce. Currently, the Ministry makes the case that the penalties and ban on the iPhone manufacturer are being applied since the company sold an incomplete product because it omitted the power adaptor.

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